When will the Azerbaijan visa open for UK citizens?

The Azerbaijan e-visa has been introduced since 2017 by the Azerbaijan government. This establishment is very important for the country’s economy as well as proving the digital growth of the world. From 2017, this online e-visa system is built for over 70 different nations to apply for an e-visa, including the United Kingdom. By using this type of visa, UK travelers can enter anytime as long as they have a valid visa and a valid passport. 

UK travelers can take advantage of this online system to acquire an e-visa for entering Azerbaijan with tourism, business and medical purposes. For each purpose, there are 3 types of e-visa that UK travelers can apply for depends on their needs: 

  • Tourist e-visa: UK travelers will use this type of visa which is valid for 3 months after being issued to go for a family visit or enjoy the scenery here. UK travelers who own this e-visa will have 30 days to stay in Azerbaijan with a single entry. 
  • Business e-visa: Engaging in business activities in Azerbaijan is not a difficult thing to do if UK travelers have a business e-visa which is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. This visa allows them to enter Azerbaijan once only and have a 30-day stay in total. 
  • Medical e-visa: For UK citizens who want to travel to Azerbaijan for curing disease within 1 month. This e-visa is valid for 90 days with single entry only.


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