How much is an Azerbaijan visa for UAE residents?

The two separate fees of the Azerbaijan e-visa costs are the government charge and the service charge. The government fee is the only component of an e-visa application submitted by UAE citizens that cannot be altered or refunded. The Azerbaijan government receives this sum of money in order to process the e-visa which is estimated to cost about $50.00.

Additionally, UAE travelers pay a service charge to Azerbaijan Immigration Services. This amount covers everything from document preparation through processing and delivering you the findings of your e-visa, including the consultation charge. If UAE passengers require assistance with the procedure, we will provide a consultant immediately. Depending on how soon an e-visa is completed, the service charge may vary:

  • Normal: To process an e-visa in 3 business days, this option cost $59.00. This is the most popular option for UAE vacationers because of its affordable costs.
  • Urgent: Selecting this type of service will result in a higher cost of $79.00. Your Azerbaijan electronic visa result will be sent to you in 24 business hours.
  • Super Urgent: For an e-visa to arrive in less than 5 hours, this is the most costly option available to UAE visitors, costing $99.00.



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