How do I make a payment for Azerbaijan from Saudi Arabia?

The payment step is quite simple. After providing all the required information in the form, Saudi citizens must pay for the e-visa fee to be processed. We provide various payment methods for you to choose. There are wire transfers and electronic transfers. For wire transfer, Saudi Arabia citizens can only pay for the fee through the Bank of Cyprus. For electronic payments, Saudi Arabia can use credit or debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. All the methods mentioned above are highly recommended for Saudi citizens to choose. Other types of payment can not be accepted. 

In this stage, Saudi Arabia citizens are required to check the information carefully before making payment. You should consider the most suitable and convenient way for you to pay the fee by clicking the . Do not worry about your information leakage because our website is protected by a firewall which prevents data leak out for bad purposes. 

After making payment, Saudi Arabia nationals will receive a confirmation letter via your email box. If you do not receive any confirmation, it means you have not made any payment yet. Please feel free to contact us through Azerbaijan Immigration Services for further instructions.


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