Do I need PCR for Baku from UAE?

In the past, PCR test certificates were compulsory documents for anyone entering Azerbaijan for any reasons due to the severe Covid-19 disease. But for now, since the pandemic is not a big concern anymore, UAE travelers are no longer required to show a proof of PCR test when entering the country. 

UAE travelers can use electronic visas to enter every port in Azerbaijan. To own an e-visa, Azerbaijan Immigration Services is pleased to introduce the most friendly-use e-visa application platform for UAE nationals. With an internet-connected gadget, UAE citizens can request for an e-visa without going anywhere. 

First, they are required to register to complete the form by providing their information related to fullname, passport numbers, nationality and travel dates. Next, UAE travelers may choose the suitable payment method for paying e-visa fees. After paying, UAE citizens will receive a confirmation email that announces the date that they can obtain an e-visa. However, the time that e-visa is processed does not exceed 3 business days for travelers to receive. Lastly, they must print the e-visa approval for stamping at the airport because the Officer will require travelers to show some papers related to the visa including e-visa that was sent before.

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