Do EU citizens need a visa for Azerbaijan?

To this question, we would say YES. France is not on Azerbaijan's list of exempt nations, hence any French nationals who want to go there must need a valid visa. When visitors must visit the closest Embassy to get a visa, the procedure takes a lot of time. French nationals must make an appointment to interview at Azerbaijan embassies or consulates; nevertheless, the success rate is not very high and there is a long waiting time.

France is fortunately one of the nations that may apply for an electronic visa, which has been permitted by the Azerbaijan government since December 2017. French nationals can obtain an e-visa much more quickly by using this procedure. French visitors can seek an Azerbaijan electronic visa through the Azerbaijan Immigration Service website for a variety of objectives, including travel, business and medical care.

There are 3 categories of Azerbaijan e-visa for French citizens to choose. The Azerbaijani e-Visa is valid for French for 90 days after the date of arrival and allows for just one entrance into the nation. French visitors are permitted to enter the nation at any time and remain for up to 30 days. The travel authorization automatically expires after the date noted on the visa and is not valid for subsequent entries into Azerbaijan.

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