What is an Azerbaijan e-Visa for French Citizens?

French citizens can obtain an e-Visa for Azerbaijan totally online. Additionally, people from more than 70 countries are eligible for an electronic visa under the new visa regulations. The www.azerbaijanimmigration.com website streamlines the visa application process for French nationals. You can only accomplish this without standing in line in front of embassies.

Azerbaijan e-visa is an electronic document that is linked with your passport. This type of document is authorized by the Azerbaijan government for eligible countries for applying for an e-visa, including France. Electronic e-visa refers to Azerbaijan Travel Authorization Permit and it will be issued online. 

French nationals can apply for a visa in 2 different ways. The first one is applying at the nearest Azerbaijan Embassies or Consulates, however, travelers from France who apply this way, will be put on the long waiting list to manage an appointment with the Embassy. Fortunately, France is one of the countries that can apply online for having an Azerbaijan e-visa, they can visit Azerbaijan Immigration Services to submit an e-visa application form. After that, they can obtain an e-visa via email within 72 working hours. 

This type of e-visa will be sent in PDF file so travelers from France must print it out to get visa stamps at the airport and are required to bring along with them during the trip

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