How long does it take to apply for this e-Visa from France?

French nationals have been able to travel in Azerbaijan since December 2017 with an electronic visa granted by the Azerbaijan government. The growing number of French tourists will have a substantial positive impact on the nation's economy thanks to the help of this online system.

The processing time option that visitors choose will determine how long it takes them to get a visa for Azerbaijan. Processing of e-visas usually takes 1 to 3 business days. If French travelers want to obtain e-visa quicker, they can apply for Rush Visa service. Compared to waiting for a visa interview at an embassy or consulate, this is seen as being much faster than waiting for an interview with the Embassy. French nationals must thus submit their applications at least 7 working days prior to the planned departure date for Azerbaijan.

Additionally, visitors from France may use the Check Status option to see where their e-visa is being processed if they wish to keep track of it. The result will be emailed to your email box 30 minutes after you submit the form. Keep in mind that French nationals must have enough documents required in order to make the processing of their e-visa more smoother.

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