Do I need to get an Azerbaijan e-Visa for my child from France?

French citizens who intend to take their kids on a short trip abroad must have a current valid visa. If they do not have a valid visa, they will be refused admission into Azerbaijan and cannot utilize the same e-visa as their parents. Parents must first confirm that they all have passports that are still valid six months after the scheduled date of entrance into Azerbaijan in order to apply for an e-visa for French kids. For stampings upon entrance and exit, the passport must contain two blank pages. Minors must meet the same visa criteria as adults.

Parents must fill out the online form on the Azerbaijan Immigration Services website on their child's behalf in order to register an e-visa for children from France. The number of children that travelers have is inversely correlated with the quantity of application form they must complete.

The form will be filled out by French parents who will provide their children's full names, passport numbers, nationalities and travel dates. Because this information will be written on your child's e-visa, be sure there are no errors, typos or missing words. Additionally, each kid must have their own passport and visa in order to enter Azerbaijan; they cannot share any documents.


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