Best Souvenirs To Buy In Baku

By Jenna Jolie

Armudu Glass

Perhaps, the best, the most common and, at the same time, the most prevalent souvenir from Baku is “armudu” glasses which are the important components of Azerbaijani culture. The pear shape (that’s where the word “armudu” comes from) of these glasses is the major feature that distinguishes them.

In the streets of the Old City you can buy armudu with different peculiar designs for reasonable prices, which are intended for budget tourists. 

Armudu glass


Another popular souvenir from Baku is carpet, which is a traditional form of art. Azerbaijan offers tourists carpets with national ornament, which you can find in specific shops located all around Baku and Azerbaijan regions. 

All the works of the modern Azerbaijani artist with all the useful information about these carpets can be found on his personal web-site. Don’t forget to visit the exhibition of his works at YAY Gallery.


Crude Oil Painting

Continuing the list of interesting souvenirs, it is important to highlight the Azerbaijani artist Sabir Copuroglu, who can offer you the oil paintings, which he creates just using his fingers and nails.

Quite unusual gift, isn’t it? For an extra fee you can even order your own portrait or any other image.

Azerbaijan-Crude oil painting

National scarves with patterns

Coming back to more traditional and simple souvenirs, it is impossible to miss mentioning the textile of Azerbaijan. You can purchase high-quality silk and painted scarves (kelagayi) for ladies with national patterns such as buta.

They can be combined with any outfit and it is possible to wear them in a daily basis or on special occasions. There is a lot to offer for men too, including different types of traditional hats, again, with various patterns and styles.

Azerbaijan-National scarves

Hand backgammon boards

Azerbaijani men have their favorite board game: backgammon. The essence of the game is simple, interesting, but, most importantly, the backgammon board is also a piece of art.

You can find backgammon from certain types of wood, most of them handmade backgammon, with the image of Old Baku and major local attractions. There is no need to explain that this present combines both beauty and usefulness for joyful parties with friends.

Azerbaijan-Hand backgammon

Source: bakuexplorer