What does Azerbaijan's electronic visa for US citizens look like?

Are you planning to visit Azerbaijan? Azerbaijan Immigration Services introduced the easiest online application system for the US travelers to apply for an e-visa. Azerbaijan e-visa (also known as electronic visa or ETA - Electronic Travel Authorization) is a document in digital form which is approved by the Azerbaijan government for entering this country with various purposes such as tourism, business and medical treatment. 

Azerbaijan e-visa which US travelers receive when they qualify is a digital version as a PDF file. This document is sent to your email address so US travelers must use your frequent-checked email to get e-visa results. The e-visa will be linked to your passport so every information that you provide must be exactly the same with your personal documents. If US travelers provide wrong information, your e-visa will be rejected or you will be barred from traveling to Azerbaijan. 

Moreover, on the e-visa result, the expiration date will be written on it so US citizens must pay attention to travel during that period. If your e-visa is about to expire, US travelers must apply for a new e-visa to travel in order not to be fined for overstay while traveling. If the US citizens have any questions, please contact us by phone or email at Azerbaijan Immigration Services.

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