How much does it cost to get Azerbaijan from Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia visitors can apply for a visa online through Azerbaijan Immigration Services, which is more convenient and cost-effective than a traditional visa. Saudi candidates must pay the visa fee before sending their application in for consideration. They must pay the Government Fee and the Service Charge, two different sorts of Azerbaijan visa costs.

Saudi nationals must pay a government charge since they need a Azerbaijan visa to visit the nation. To obtain an e-visa, they must pay this cost to the Azerbaijan Immigration Department. The cost for this fee is about $50.00. 

In terms of the Service Fee, Saudi citizens must pay according to how quickly their visa application will be processed. There are now three categories of visa services:

  • Standard: Most of the time, this service is utilized. Saudi candidates have a maximum of three business days to get their visa acceptance. Only $59.00 is required from them to obtain this service.
  • Urgent: Saudi passengers who utilize this service must pay a greater charge since it ensures that their visas will arrive in only 24 hours. For this service, an extra $79.00 will be required.
  • Super Urgent: For an additional $99.00 cost, this option enables Saudi nationals to acquire their visas within 05 hours.


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