Do UAE residents need a visa for Azerbaijan?

We would respond YES to this question. Any UAE nationals wishing to go to Azerbaijan must have an effective visa because the United Arab Emirates is not on the country's list of exempt nations. The process is time-consuming when tourists must visit the nearest Embassy to get a visa. Azerbaijani embassies and consulates need appointments for interviews with French nationals, however the success rate is low and the wait times are tedious.

Fortunately, UAE is one of the countries that may apply for an electronic visa, which the Azerbaijani government has allowed since December 2017. This process allows UAE citizens to get an e-visa considerably more swiftly. Through the website of the Azerbaijan Immigration Service, UAE travelers can apply for an electronic visa to Azerbaijan for a range of purposes, including tourism, business, and medical treatment.

UAE residents can select from 3 kinds of Azerbaijan e-visas. The Azerbaijan e-Visa for UAE is only good for one entry into the country and is valid for 90 days following the date of arrival. Visitors from UAE are welcome to come at any time and stay for up to 30 days. The travel authorisation is not valid for additional entry into Azerbaijan and automatically expires after the expiration date indicated on the visa.

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