Can US citizens travel to Baku?

Yes. US citizens can travel to Baku or any place in Azerbaijan with one condition that they must have a valid visa for entering this country. Despite its modest size, this nation possesses a significant cultural and historical heritage. The residents also are friendly and inviting. It is now considerably simpler for US citizens to apply for an electronic visa to visit Baku. Visit the Azerbaijan Immigration Services website to submit an application now! Before applying, remember to prepare yourself a valid passport, if it expires during your trip, you must renew a passport immediately. 

In generally, there are 3 types of e-visa depending on the US nationals’ needs that they can apply for having one: 

  • Tourist e-visa: For individuals who wish to travel or visit Azerbaijan, this visa is available. Citizens of the US may enter once every 30 days and utilize this form of e-visa to travel around cities or take in the spectacular beauty of nature.
  • Business e-visa: This single-entry visa enables nationals of the US to engage in business activities, such as hosting seminars, trading products, etc.
  • Transit e-visa: This kind of visa is for people who wish to seek medical assistance and treatment in Azerbaijan. US nationals must keep in mind that Azerbaijan allows for one entrance and 30 days for medical treatment.



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