Is Azerbaijan open to Americans?

Definitely YES. Every American citizen can travel to Azerbaijan as long as they have a valid visa. American nationals must obtain a valid visa in order to enter Azerbaijan since it is not on the list of countries that are excluded from the country's visa-free policy. Fortunately, Azerbaijan is one of the nations that can submit an application for an e-visa by visiting Azerbaijan Immigration Services. American people can obtain an Azerbaijan e-visa by following 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Passengers of America must complete the form by providing their names, addresses, nationality and passport numbers.

Step 2: Before moving on to the next step, remember to double-check your information. American nationals must pay for the e-visa to be processed after it has been checked.

Step 3: Regularly check your email inbox to receive the e-visa as a PDF file and to check for updates to the information.

If they apply for an e-visa, American citizens may be required to pay a fee for the application procedure, which may include both the government fee and the service fee. The government fee won't be returned if your application is denied.

American nationals are strongly advised to print their e-visa results after obtaining them through email before departing for the airport. American people will not be permitted to enter Azerbaijan legitimately if they do not have a scanned copy of their e-visa, according to Border Force Officers.


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