How much does Azerbaijan eVisa cost?

The government charge and the service fee make up the two distinct components of the Azerbaijan e-visa fees. After travelers from France submit an e-visa application, the government fee is the amount that cannot be changed and cannot be refunded. This amount of money is sent to the Azerbaijan government so that it can process the e-visa. The government fee is estimated to cost about $50.00. 

Additionally, Azerbaijan Immigration Services receives a service fee from tourists from France. This sum of money including the consultation fee and supporting fee from preparing documents to processing and sending e-visa results to you. We will assist French passengers if they need assistance with the process. The service fee may change based on how quickly an e-visa is processed:

  • Normal: This option cost $59.00 to process e-visa within 3 business days. This is the most common for travelers around the world with reasonable prices.
  • Urgent: You will pay a higher fee of $79.00 for choosing this type of service. Your e-visa result will be delivered within 24 working hours. 
  • Super Urgent: This is the most expensive service for travelers that costs $99.00 for e-visa to arrive in less than 5 hours.



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