Azerbaijan visa for Oman residents - Requirements and Fees

Since its inception in January 2017, this method has been new to Azerbaijan. ASAN is the name of this system. It's worth noting that Oman is one of the 78 countries that offer the option of submitting an application visa online.

We work with you on your application and guarantee a streamlined process to make the journey. Keep reading this article to learn more about Azerbaijan e-Visas for Omani citizens, including types of visa, the processing time, and the visa cost.

Why do Omani citizens need a visa for Azerbaijan?

Oman is not on the list of Azerbaijan visa-exemption countries, so Omanis must get a visa to visit Azerbaijan. If you want to visit Azerbaijan, you'll need to secure a visa first. As a tourist, you can apply for an e-visa via Azerbaijan Immigration & e-Visa Portal Website. Make your reservation at least 03 days ahead of time.

Azerbaijan visa for Omani citizens

Azerbaijan visa for Omani citizens

In Azerbaijan, How long may Omanis stay?

The Azerbaijan e-visas are granted for tourism, short-term business, and medical treatment purposes. For Omanis, Azerbaijan's e-Visa is valid for 90 days from the date of arrival. Visitors can enter the country once at any time during this period and stay there for up to 30 days from the arrival date. The Azerbaijani visa automatically expires at the date specified and cannot be used again after this point.

Azerbaijan visa requirements for Omani citizens

Because there are just a few Azerbaijan e-Visa entrance criteria for Omani citizens to apply for online, this online travel permit is relatively easy to get. They must, in particular, obey the following rules:

  • Having an Omani passport that is valid for at least 06 months after the date of arrival in Azerbaijan, with a minimum of 02 blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer. Travelers from Oman who have a passport that is about to expire must renew it before applying for an e-Visa to Azerbaijan. It may be difficult to enter the nation with a passport that expires in less than six months. Citizens with several passports should use the same one while completing the online application and traveling to Azerbaijan.
  • A valid email address is required to obtain an approved online visa and any other important correspondence.

Azerbaijan visa requirements for Omani citizens

Azerbaijan visa requirements for Omani citizens

How to apply for an Azerbaijan Visa for Omani citizens?

The process of applying for an Azerbaijan visa is straightforward. Omani applicants should spend 15 minutes completing the online application form.

  • Step 1: Fill in the application form with some basic information about the visa.
  • Step 2: Make an online payment for the visa fee
  • Step 3: Receive the confirmation email of your visa application and submit it.
  • Step 4: Wait for your e-Visa result. Once you receive your e-Visa, you should download and print it out. The Immigration Officer at a border checkpoint of the Republic of Azerbaijan will require you to present it.

How to apply for Azerbaijan visa for Omani citizens

How to apply for Azerbaijan visa for Omani citizens

The cost of an e-visa to Azerbaijan from Oman

Azerbaijan Service and Government Fees must be paid online before an e-Visa can be issued.

The Government Fee is compulsory for all Omani applicants who want to obtain Azerbaijan electronic visas. Note that this fee is non-refundable.

On the other hand, the cost of the service is decided by the processing time you choose. The 03 price options for the Azerbaijan e-Visa service are as follows:

  • Standard: You will receive your visa decision in 03 business days if you pick this option.
  • Urgent: If you act immediately, your processing time will be greatly reduced. Your e-visa will arrive in 24 hours.
  • Super Urgent: If you use this service, you might get your e-visa approval in as little as 05 business hours. This service currently has the quickest processing time.

If all goes according to plan, your visa should arrive in three days. The application's cost is kept low via this type of processing. As a result, a large number of people choose standard visa processing times.

Such payment options include wire transfers and electronic payments (for the Bank of Cyprus the best option). Electronic payments are accepted using Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and American Express.

We also recommend that you get Covid-19 travel insurance to protect your benefits while overseas.

The Azerbaijani State Migration Service requires Omani citizens to register

Visitors from Oman planning to stay in Azerbaijan longer than 30 days must register with the Azerbaijan embassy in Oman.