Azerbaijan visa requirements for Macedonians citizens

To make the visa procedure easier for applicants from various nations, Azerbaijan has permitted residents from over 70 countries to apply for an e-Visa instead of visiting embassies. Azerbaijan is the former Soviet Republic that, in 1991, regained its independence. Azerbaijan has strong ties to the Western world and is a member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace program.

The visa application process is quick and easy. It also demands the application of technology tools. As a result, this is how the vast majority of people now apply for e-visas.

North Macedonians do not need to wait in long queues outside embassies to apply for visas to Azerbaijan. This article explains how to apply for an e-visa online for North Macedonian citizens.

Azerbaijan Visa for North Macedonian citizens

Azerbaijan Visa for North Macedonian citizens

Why do North Macedonians need visas to Azerbaijan?

Because North Macedonia is not exempt from Azerbaijan visa, North Macedonian citizens must obtain a visa to visit Azerbaijan. As a tourist, you can apply for an e-visa at Azerbaijan Immigration Services which is more convenient than applying for a regular visa at the Embassy.

In Azerbaijan, How long may North Macedonians stay with an eVisa?

Before visiting Azerbaijan, North Macedonians must get a visa. People can apply for e-Visas by entering their personal information and paying the visa fee. It can be done from any place outside the country. An eVisa for Azerbaijan is valid for 03 months from the arrival date with a single entry. North Macedonian can utilize this eVisa to visit Azerbaijan for tourism, business, or medical treatment purposes and stay there for up to 30 days. If you are a citizen of North Macedonia, you should apply at least 03 days before your trip to allow time for the paperwork to be processed.

Azerbaijan visa requirements for North Macedonian residents

Azerbaijan visa requirements for North Macedonian residents

Azerbaijan visa requirements for North Macedonian residents

Because there are just a few admission conditions that North Macedonian residents must meet, online applications for Azerbaijan e-Visa are simple to complete. Azerbaijan visa requirements for North Macedonian residents are as the following:

  • A passport that remains 06 months validity from the arrival date in Azerbaijan. Each individual going on your passport must apply for their own visa. North Macedonian travelers whose passports are about to expire must renew it before applying for a visa. Citizens having multiple passports should use their same passport while completing the online application and traveling to Azerbaijan.
  • An email address to receive your Azerbaijan visa
  • Valid payment methods: Electronic payment or Wire transfer

apply for an Azerbaijan visa for North Macedonian residents

apply for an Azerbaijan visa for North Macedonian residents

How to apply for an Azerbaijan visa for North Macedonian residents?

To apply for an Azerbaijan visa online , North Macedonian nationals must follow 03 simple steps:

Step 1: Fill out the secure application form online with important information: visa details & personal information of the applicant.

Step 2: Please double-check your information to ensure that it is accurate. In this step, you must pay the eVisa fee using electronic payment methods or Wire transfer to the Bank of Cyprus.

Step 3: After completing step 2, please check your email for your confirmed details, and we will notify you when your Azerbaijan e-Visa will be ready. The e-Visa will be processed and granted online.

Note: You should print out your Azerbaijan eVisa before departing. In addition, you are advised to take a valid e-Visa along with you during your trip in Azerbaijan.

fee for an e-visa to Azerbaijan from North Macedonia

fee for an e-visa to Azerbaijan from North Macedonia

The fee for an e-visa to Azerbaijan from North Macedonia

You must pay the Azerbaijan Service Fee and the Government Fees to apply for an e-Visa to Azerbaijan online.

The amount of time it takes to process your online application determines the cost of the service. Azerbaijan Immigration Services provides three cost options:

  • Regular: If you pick this option, your visa application will be processed in 03 days.
  • Urgent: You'll have an e-visa in your hands in 24 hours. Get started right away!
  • Extremely urgent: You'll acquire your visa in a day or less if you utilize this service. The processing period is 05 hours, which is faster than the competition.

You may be forced to pay a cost that is often more than ordinary processing in many circumstances. The overall cost, though, will remain cheap.

The shortest approach to obtain an Azerbaijani electronic visa is to complete the visa application procedure in a matter of minutes.

Wire transfers and electronic payments are examples of such payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express) are all accepted for electronic payments.

We also suggest that you get COVID-19 travel insurance to safeguard your benefits while you are away from home.

The Azerbaijani State Migration Service requires North Macedonian citizens to register.

People who are visiting Azerbaijan from North Macedonia and plan to stay for over 30 days must apply for a regular visa at the Azerbaijani embassy in North Macedonia. If you enter through a land border, you will need a visa sticker on your passport.