Azerbaijan visa requirements for Estonian citizens

Estonian nationals traveling to Azerbaijan should apply for an e-visa, as it is the most useful option. The Azerbaijan Embassy in Estonia has offered a 1-day visa service for Estonian nationals traveling to Azerbaijan.

The European Union has created a new visa for those traveling to the Republic of Azerbaijan. This is a type of visa that allows for entry and stays of up to 90 days. It can be applied online and does not require any paper documents.

It is recommended that you submit an application for an electronic visa at least four (04) working days prior to the day that you want to arrive in Azerbaijan. The applicant's passport or any other travel documents must have at least three months remaining on their expiration date after the e-Visa is issued.

Azerbaijani e-visa for Estonian citizens

Azerbaijani e-visa for Estonian citizens

Azerbaijan e-Visa requirements for Estonian citizens.

The following things that you must remember in order to submit an application for a visa to enter Azerbaijan:

  • Payment: Visa processing fees are required to receive an Azerbaijan visa.Your payment is done totally online and you may use a credit or debit card to pay. Paying the application cost is necessary. You won't be able to get an Azerbaijan visa if you don't make payment.
  • Passport: The most crucial requirement for a visa is a valid passport. In this case, you must check that your passport is valid for at least six months before applying for an Azerbaijan visa for Estonians online at Remember that having a scanned copy of your passport will assist you in completing your application.
  • Your email address: Email is required for visa applications to receive electronic visa. On a visa application form, you must be sure about the information such as ID, passport number and your address. You will contact the visa issuer through the email address you specified in your application form and get your e-Visa at this address.

apply for an Azerbaijani e-visa for Estonian citizens

Apply for an Azerbaijani e-visa for Estonian citizens

How to apply for an Azerbaijan e-visa for Estonian citizens

It is necessary to get a visa to enter Azerbaijan from Estonia:

  • A smartphone, tablet, or a laptop or desktop computer
  • Having a reliable internet connection is essential.
  • Having a valid Estonian passport is required.
  • The e-Visa processing charge must be paid with a credit or debit card.
  • A valid email address is required in order to receive visa letters from Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan e-visa for Estonians: traveling purposes

E-Visas may be obtained from the Azerbaijan government in the form of a "normal" e-Visa or a "electronic visa" for those who have an Estonian passport. The following is an exhaustive list of the only purposes for which tourist and business visas obtained online are acceptable:

  • Leisure and travel
  • Visits from relatives
  • Business travels
  • Exhibitions
  • Medical interventions
  • Volunteering in culture or sports activities

Maximum stay in Azerbaijan for Estonian citizens.

Those who possess an Estonian e-Visa are granted permission to remain in Azerbaijan for a maximum of 30 days. You are only allowed one trip into the nation, since this visa is only good for a single admission.

Overstaying an electronic visa in Azerbaijan as an Estonian traveler

Overstaying an Azerbaijan e-Visa is prohibited. You might be punished and barred from obtaining another electronic visa in the future if found guilty.

e-Visa cost to Azerbaijan from Estonia

e-Visa cost to Azerbaijan from Estonia

How much does an e-Visa cost to Azerbaijan from Estonia?

You need to pay both the Azerbaijan Service Fee and the Government Fees in order to submit an application for an e-Visa to Azerbaijan online. On the other hand, the processing time that you choose is the primary factor that determines the total cost of the service. The following is a rundown of the three pricing tiers available for the Azerbaijan e-Visa service:

  • Normal: If you choose this option, you will get your visa decision in three business days.
  • Urgent: Your waiting time for processing will be significantly cut down within 24 business hours, your electronic visa will be sent to you.
  • Super Urgent: If you utilize this service, you may expect to get your electronic visa decision within 05 hours. This service presently has the shortest amount of time needed to process requests.

Typical processing time is one to three days and this processing method is quite cheap. As you might expect, urgent processing supports you to obtain an e-visa sooner but with that, the price is much higher. If you pick urgent processing, you'll obtain your visa in 3-5 hours. Estonians may get an e-visa to Azerbaijan quickly.

In a hurry? Use urgent processing. With accelerated processing, you'll receive your visa in hours. All procedures on take 10 to 15 minutes. After submitting a successful visa application, you'll get your visa via email. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Amex are accepted methods of payment to pay the visa fees online.

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The Azerbaijan e-Visa you get via email is a 30-day Single Entry visa. You must register with the State Migration Service if you plan to stay longer than 10 days.

Estonian citizens register with the Azerbaijan State Migration Service.

According to the information provided by the Azerbaijan Embassy in Estonia, registration is necessary for tourists coming from Estonia who will be staying in Azerbaijan for more than 15 days. This procedure may be conducted in person or through the internet, but it must be done so within 15 days of the traveler's arrival, regardless of how it was completed.